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  • Costa Rica reforestation project


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Why purchase Carbon Offsets in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a prime location to plant trees to fight global warming!

Costa Rica is located within 10° of the equator, where trees grow for 365 days of the the year. Continuous growth rates without a period of hibernation accounts for the largest amount of carbon sequestration.

The Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica is one of the few places on Earth with intact stretches of healthy rainforest.

Creating wildlife corridors by replanting trees in deforested pastures promotes the growth of biodiversity! Preserving and promoting this unique ecosystem is so important when species loss is increasing due to climate change.

The country of Costa Rica understands the importance of preserving their natural resources.

In the last years, Latin America has destroyed a great part of its forests to turn them into farmland; but while other governments were focused on exploit the land this way, Costa Rica was increasing the number of its protected forests.
Over 25% of the landmass is protected in National Parks and public/private land reserves. Natural features such as trees and rivers are given constitutional protection. In Article 50, there are laws to protect trees from indiscriminate cutting. Comprehensive legal conservation easements can be achieved by landowners to protect properties from development.

Costa Rica is consistently rated as a low-risk country for investment by the International Country Risk Investment Guide.

Costa Rica runs of 99% renewable energies! The country has no standing army. The people are hardworking and gentle with the spirit of “Pura Vida“. Costa Rica is the greenest and happiest place on Earth!

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What’s in a day? The ins and outs of daily life affect our planet. Almost everything we do – from the mundane to the extraordinary – creates pollution and expands our carbon footprint.
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